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Scissor Lifts

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Air-Hydraulic Scissors Lift

Rail Guided Systems


Designed for applications where 3-axis travel is not required and existing spray booths lack structural integrity.

• Rail guided ...


Steerable/Driveable Scissor Lifts


• Controls - Direct acting hydraulics for positive and precise control.

• Steering - Steering is caster type which affords this machine unsurpassed maneuverability. (LPSV-1932 has 6” inside turning radius, LPSV-2646 has 44” inside turning radius).

• Extension Deck - a 3’ rollout extension deck. Guardrails are of heavy duty rectangular tubing with a release handle on the guardrail. Rollout capacity 250 lbs.


dual drive

Dual Drive


Standard & Lateral Drive Modes

Improves productivity by providing quick, precise and safe access to large equipment, confined spaces and work areas. Lateral 4 wheel drive allows operator to maneuver into places that standard scissor lifts can’t reach.