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GA 3000SCEC Robot Twin

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Perfect surface finish

– Excellent atomization

– Homogeneous distribution

– Excellent penetration into corners and body shells

– High film thicknesses are quickly achievable


Optimal adjustment to the application

– Internal or remote fan-control

– Standard and robot base plate for single and twin guns

– Large range of air caps, nozzles and accessories


Environmentally friendly

– Long service life

– Low material consumption

– Extremely little overspray

– Minimal contamination of the surroundings

– Reduction of the VOC emissions


Versatile in use

The SupraCoat guns allow the application of a wide spectrum of materials and thus extremely flexible production.

– 1 & 2 component water based and solvent based paints

– Metallic paints

– High solids paints

– High viscosity paints

– Release agents


* In the case of the GA 3000SCEC Robot Twin model the atomizing air pressure must always be at least 14.5 psi smaller than the control air pressure at the air valve.

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Model #

Max Air Pressure (psi)

Max Material Pressure (psi)

Control Air Range (psi)

Weight (standard variant) oz

Max Temp Material (F)

Max Temp Air (F)

Ambient Temperature (F)

Sound Level @ 87psi air and 116psi material pressure

GA 3000SCEC Robot Twin 87 116 58 - 87 136.8 176 230 41 - 104 82
  Results 1 - 1 of 1 1