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Sierra Oil-Free

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Looking for a rugged and reliable oil-free air compressor? Ingersoll Rand's Sierra Oil-Free rotary screw is just the unit for you. With Ingersoll Rand’s unmatched reputation for reliability and performance to count on, oil-free customers can enjoy the peace of mind so difficult to come by given their vital process and application needs.

*Note: Specification package heights and weights in parentheses are for water-cooled units. All other package heights and weights are for air-cooled units.


ISO Class 0 Certified

Ingersoll Rand was the first to deliver ISO Class 0 in both rotary-screw and centrifugal technologies. ISO 8573-1:2001 Class 0 specifies air quality standards for critical manufacturing processes within the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, textile and electronics industries. It is the most stringent class, covering oil contamination in aerosol, vapor and liquid forms. Count on Sierra Oil-Free compressors to deliver pure air, unmatched energy efficiency and peace of mind.

Advanced Compression Module Technology

The two-stage compression module, with oil-free rotary screw technology, is the heart of the Sierra package. It makes the Sierra the toughest machine in the business. Stainless steel is used for critical sealing components, as well as for the high pressure rotor set. Combined with the use of the "ultracoating" process for the rotors and housing bores, this module design offers double protection against wear and the effects of corrosion.

Superior Rotor Coating Design

Decades of oil-free rotary compressor experience have taught us how vital the rotor/housing coating is to initial and lasting compressor performance. As a result, UltraCoat was designed specifically for this oil-free compressor application, with its unmatched adhesion, durability, and temperature resistance properties the key selection criteria. But the real key for the customer is the optimum long term compressor performance, through minimized coating wear and efficiency degradation. In short, this means more compressed air for the operating cost dollar.


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Model #


Frequency (Hz)

Rated Pressure (psig)

Flow (cfm)

Dimensions (LxWxH) in


L50 50 60 100 214 89 X 54 X 75 5111 lbs lbs
H50 50 60 125 186 89 X 54 X 75 5111 lbs lbs
L60 60 60 100 274 89 X 54 X 75 5364 lbs lbs
H60 60 60 125 236 89 X 54 X 75 5364 lbs lbs
L75 75 60 100 333 89 X 54 X 75 5364 lbs lbs
H75 75 60 125 288 89 X 54 X 75 5364 lbs lbs
HH75 75 60 150 268 89 X 54 X 75 5364 lbs lbs
  Results 1 - 7 of 7 1