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Infrared Curing Equipment

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Medium Wave Systems


Short Wave Systems

Speed Dry with Heater

Waterborne Systems


Powder Coat Curing

Tub Light

Tub Light

-Economically priced tub light offers added cost savings

-Three switch controls provide the capability to vary the amount of heat

-Product is ideal for use with repair work


Color Matching

Color Matching

-High color temperature 5300K duplicates natural sunlight

-High powered product operates at 70 watts

-Product achieves large coverage area


Sample Spray Booth System

Spray Booth Retrofit Systems

Infratech Spray Booth Retrofit Systems allow you to cure high-tech automotive coatings with superior speed, quality, safety, efficiency and control. Our systems are designed to operate in four independent zones. This multiple zone control gives you the ability to heat a single panel for a simple repair, or to cure a complete repaint. It also enables you to achieve greater energy cost savings by heating only the area that requires curing.




In addition to our complete line of infrared heaters, Infratech manufactures a full range of replacement heating elements. These elements are compatible with Infratech heaters as well as with fixtures from other manufacturers — even those that are obsolete.