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Spray Gun Accessories

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Electromagnetic Marking Block (2)

Marking Accessories

air adjusting valve

Air Adjusting Valves

mini alum

Cup Assemblies

3mm pps

3M PPS Adapters

PN 253975

• PPS Adapter for most RAZOR guns


PN 253969


model 7004

Pressure Cups

2.5 gal dual

Pressure Pots

air quality test kit

Air Quality Test Kit


Test compressed air supply to identify causes of refinish problems.

Not for use in hazardous locations. Test for:


grav feed gun holder

Gravity Feed Spray Gun Holder

PN 9894

• Designed to hold up to four (4) guns

• Mounts on wall or table



grav feed filling station

Gravity Feed Filling Station

PN 9893

• Designed to hold up to three guns in place while filling

• Adjustable strainer ...

disposable in-line filters

F2 Disposable In-Line Filters

• Installs easily and reduces paint defects

• Disposable filter removes contaminants such as moisture and oil that condenses in the air hose between the wall mount filter and spray gun

PN 8100 - Disposable Filter Blister Pack (2 per ...

spray gun lube

Spray Gun Lube

PN 8255 - Spray Gun Lube (0.25 oz, Pack of 6)

• Keep your spray gun operating smoothly

• Compatible with all paint materials


spray gun brush kit

Spray Gun Brush Kit

PN 8260

• Professional brush kit effectively cleans all model spray gun including HVLP

• Includes one spray gun ...