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Marking Accessories

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Electromagnetic Marking Block

Electromagnetic Marking Block (ES Series)

The nozzles of this marking block are directly controlled by solenoid valves; thus enabling very short switching times. The maximum conveyor speed is approx. 78 m/min. The block is available with a flushing function.




Marking Bridges

Mountings / Marking Bridges

Walther Pilot mountings adapt spray guns for multiple coding purposes. Tailor-made production solutions, such as marking bridges, are also available.


Special Fittings

Special Compressed Air Fitting

For pressure tanks used for marking. This fitting is for use with solvent-based paints, inks and cleaning agents.

Special Fittings (2)

Special Fittings

For combining air pressure regulation functions in simple systems (control air, atomizing air for spray gun, air for pressure tank)