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In-Line Filters & Coalescers

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half in in-line filter & coalescer

1/2 in In-Line Filter & Coalescer with Overnight Drains

Prevents fish-eyes by removing water, oil & contamination without the use of desiccant. Designed for use in prep stations and air/finishing areas. Stage 1 provides removal of water and contaminants down to 5 microns. Stage 2 provides removal of oil and sub-micronic particles down to .01 microns.


Three-fourths in-line filter

3/4 in In-Line Filter with Overnight Drain

The 707F removes oil and water contamination. Disassemble and clean the filter without tools. Features a large reusable filter element.



Three-fourths in-line coalescer

3/4 in In-Line Coalescer with Overnight Drain

The 707C effectively traps fine oil mists and microscopic particles to .01 microns. Recommended for use down stream of a refrigerated air dryer. Contains spin-off bowl for quick filter changes without tools. Includes pressure drop indicator.