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dust collectors

Downward Flow


The SFC Series of cartridge dust collectors effectively remove harmful dusts and smoke from industrial processes. Situated inside a factory or outdoors, these downward flow dust collectors are expandable in the field at anytime due to their modular design.



portable-wall mount

Portable/Wall Mount (Weld Fume)


Capture and contain weld fume at the source of generation with the W Series weld fume collector. Available as a portable or wall-mount configuration, W Series systems capture sub-micron sized weld fume particulate, while providing strong, long-lasting airflow. This is especially important because up to 95% of weld fume particulate is sub-micron (less than 1 micron) in size.


cross ventilation

Cross Ventilation


The MCB Series of cartridge dust collectors effectively remove fine airborne dusts while providing workers space for unrestricted movement to perform industrial processes. Available as 3′, 6′ or 9′ modules, the MCB cartridge collector can be used alone or in combination with a containment booth.

MCB industrial air cleaners use an enclosed pulse ...




The BDC Series of dust collectors are ideal for industrial processes such as bin venting and raw material handling. Compact in size, this baghouse-style system can be installed inside or outside; while minimizing the occupation of  valuable floor space and offers easy access for filter maintenance.

The BDC dust collector offers high-performance filters that provide efficiency up to 99.999%. Air volumes range from 185 CFM to 5,300 CFM, depending on the process and filter media.


ceiling mount

Ceiling Mount


SCA and SCB cartridge dust collectors capture hazardous contaminants from welding processes. Installed above the plant floor, these ceiling-mount units ensure clean air without taking up valuable floor space. This cartridge collector offers a choice of ambient air collection (SCA) as well as source capture (SCB).

SCA and SCB cartridge collectors provide continuous-duty cleaning. An internal pulse cleaning cycle sends brief blasts of air evenly along filters to “pulse off” contaminants, making this ventilation system quieter and easier to maintain than other collectors. The result: longer filter life while saving time and money. Air ...




The V Series dust collector eliminates dust, smoke and powders from a variety of manufacturing operations. Available in three configurations, these cartridge collectors serve as a portable source capture system (VP), a downdraft bench (VB) or fixed unit ducted directly to a machine (VF).

The V Series ensures quiet operation with its unique acoustic sound attenuation. Quieter than other dust collectors, this versatile cartridge dust collector keeps sound levels below 82 dBA, under the industry standard.

V Series air cleaners are available as 750 CFM or 1,500 CFM systems, depending on ...