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Free Standing

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F Series

F Series

The F Series mist and dust collector captures coolant smoke, mist and dust from metal finishing and forming processes. Situated directly on or next to machining operation, this free-standing collector is ideal for many ducted processes.

The F Series system uses high performance media filtration to ensure maximum mist/dust collection. This media filtration system has proven reliability and design to withstand your process demands.

Air volumes range from 1,250 CFM to 7,000 CFM depending on its configuration....


VCC Series

The VCC dust/mist collector captures coolant smoke and fume from various metal finishing and forming processes. Installed directly on or adjacent to a machining center, this light-duty, source capture unit can be designed to solve your specific needs.

The VCC uses an upward airflow pattern for mist or dust collection. This vertical system and advanced design allows for a natural drop of particles into a drain before entering the primary filter.

Air volumes range from 750 CFM to 2,050 CFM, depending on the unit configuration....