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Direct Fired Industrial Horizontal

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v series

V Series

Direct-Fired Make-Up Air Value

V-Series delivers the Best Available Value for lower-volume make-up air needs in a range of applications from kitchen and food service through industrial processing and wastewater treatment. Value-added advantages include: Unsurpassed Economy, Application Versatility, Low-Maintenance Durability, and Exceptional Product Support.


aa series

AA Series

Direct-Fired Heating & Ventilating

AA-Series provides simplicity, economy and versatility for meeting both make-up air needs and space-heating & ventilating requirements. These gas-fired “draw-through” designs maintain uniform airflow across the burner to ensure maximum fuel efficiency as well as constant air-delivery volume. Natural gas or LP gas can be used.

With multiple sizes and discharge configurations, AA-Series is a popular choice for restaurant, ...

r series

R Series

Direct-Fired Heating & Ventilating

R-Series offers the Best Available Technology for environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality (IAQ) in make-up air and heating and ventilating applications. These systems deliver “total air management” by introducing a slightly positive pressure to reduce heat stratification and limit infiltration of cold air, dust and dirt.


s series

S Series

Air-Handling Systems

S-Series Air-Handling Systems offer optimum application flexibility for industrial heating, ventilating, and make-up air, as well as for total environmental control. As custom-designed “air houses,” these systems are built with specific-need operating sections to meet defined facility air-management requirements.